Update Sony Xperia Z To Android Lollipop With AOSP ROM

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We will guide you to update your Sony Xperia Z to Android 5.0 Lollipop, the purpose of this post is of course to help anyone with the device in hand getting the Google's most sophisticated mobile operating system. Albeit the same phone is scheduled to receive an official Lollipop update, yet it's still in waiting list, because Sony is now busy to roll the Android L to other Xperia variants like Z2 and Z3. And there is no exact date as to when the L come to Xperia Z.

Instead of waiting without doing nothing, why don't you try what AOSP ROM is offering to you, it is offering Android 5.0 Lollipop nuance and features at the same time. If you accept the offer then you are wise! Because AOSP is one of the ROM available that has extremely good reputation, its source generally used by other developers to create several great ROMs.

Well enough talking, let's get ourselves to the main topic of the post. What you need now is reading the preconditions below before starting to follow the ROM flashing steps below.
Update Xperia Z To Android 5.0

  • Make backups to all data you consider important, skip this one will likely cause you a trouble if you happen to fail flashing the ROM or other technical issues that could happen.
  • To be able installing unknown sources or smooth connecting between your device and computer, just enable USB debugging mode.
  • AOSP Android L was flashed on unlocked factory SONY Xperia Z, thus it's recommended you own unlocked variant of the same.
  • The AOSP is a modified ROM released by neither Google nor SONY, thus your SONY installer will no longer recognize your Xpeia Z once the ROM is installed.
  • Your SONY bootloader should be unlocked.
  • Your battery power should have been fully charged, or at least has about %60 power.

Step to install AOSP Android 5.0 Lollipop on SONY Xperia Z

  1. Now you have to download AOSP 5.0 zip package and also download adb_and_fastboot_files to your computer. from here to your computer.
  2. Unzip the fasboot and adb files, then put the extracted files in the adb and fasboot folder within your PC.
  3. Boot your device to fasboot mode, by powering off your phone then press and hold this button Volume Up and plug your Xpeia Z to your PC using the available USB cable by pressing Volume Up button.
  4. Once you have managed entering fasboot mode, you should see your LED light turn to blue.
  5. Now go to the folder where you put all the fasboot files to further press Shift + Right Click to choose the Open Command prompt window.
  6. Execute the following commands in command prompt;

    fastboot flash boot boot.img
    fastboot flash system system.img
    fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
  7. When the files are all flashed, you can reboot your Xperia Z using this command.

    Fastboot reboot
The rebooting process could be longer than usual, as this is the first time your phone booting with new ROM. If I allow to predict, it can take about 5 or 6 minutes. Once you see your Xperia Z on again, congratulation because now it's with AOSP Android 5.0 Lollipop firmware.
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Root Galaxy A5 On Android 4.4.4 (Guides)

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Root Galaxy A5 on Android 4.4.4 (guides). If you want to extend your power using your Galaxy A5 then you should root it, that's the only road to cross in my opinion. Android is truly a best freedom giver mobile operating systems by default, yet still there is number of restrictions that limit us to do several unofficial activities, therefore cutting down the restrictions is without a doubt must be done.

So the root is coming to our aid. To claim your privileged control to further be able to install apps that require the root access and perform other modifications to optimize your Android based phone.

And luckily the Galaxy A5 including A5000, A500F, A500H, etc is now supported by the newest CF-Auto-Root utility that means you can flash the tool to your device to get superuser rights and permissions to the software of your Android phone. And the tool is also supporting Android 4.4.4 firmware that's currently running on your phone and if you receive the Android 5.0 Lollipop in the future, the tool will still work. So no need to be worry.

Rooting is beneficial, once your Galaxy A5 is fully rooted then you can have wireless tethering, customizing your phone looks with themes, also tweak your phone faster with overclocking but this one could drain your battery badly. If you are interested you can continue reading this post to root your Samsung Galaxy A5 on Android 4.4.4 KitKat, be sure to read all the tutorials plus the preconditions before messing with your beloved phone.

Root Samsung Galaxy A5 KitKat
  • Be sure to read all of the points. Our phone contains many data, some of them precious and the rest could be just junk files. Thus the precious data should be kept and saved, therefore before performing the rooting guides here, make necessary backups to your photos, call logs, videos, internet settings, etc.
  • Enable USB debugging mode if you experience trouble connecting your phone to computer or to allow unknown sources to be installed.
  • It is recommended to apply the instructions here on unlocked factory Samsung Galaxy A5, because it was tested on such model.
  • CF-Auto-Root is a tool developed and maintained not by Samsung or the company affiliation institutions, and having it installed could nullify your existing manufacture warranty.
  • If your phone battery power is low, then I suggest you to charge it first till it reaches %50 or % 70.
Since you have fully read the each point of the above preconditions let's move to the main core of the post which is to root your Galaxy A5, be sure to follow every step correctly, carefully and don't skip anything unless you have done it.

How to root Samsung Galaxy A5 on Android 4.4.4 KitKat guides

Step 1 - Now you need to download CF-Auto-Root based on your Galaxy A5 models, the link to download can be found below. Pick one for you once you downloaded it, extract it. Suggestion, save it on Desktop the easiest place to find things in our PC.

Step 2- You also need Odin to install the root package you downloaded above. Therefore here is the download link for Odin 3.09.

Step 3 - Now power off your Galaxy A5 to boot into Download Mode, do so by holding and pressing these buttons all together Volume Down + Home then Power button keep pressing them till you get messages with Warning as its headline saying; "a custom OS can cause crititical problems..."When you see the warning message just hit Volume UP to confirm entering the Download Mode.

Step 4 - It's time to launch Odin, open that tool. Then connect your phone to computer (be sure your phone is in Download Mode).

Step 5 - You will see your ID:COM box turns to yellow with COM port number if you managed to connect your computer and phone while in Download Mode. The process takes a time, therefore a little patient needed.

Step 6 - Since you are in Odin, you need to select the CF-Auto-Root containing SuperSU file to be flashed. Thus do the following;
  • Tap on 'PDA' or ‘AP’, then choose the extracted file from step 1.
Step 7- Once you've done it, you can now hit the Start button for Odin to install the extracted file. Again wait for the entire process to complete, do nothing with your phone.

Step 8 - When the installation process is complete, you will see your phone reboot into Recovery Mode automatically to install the root package /files. And one more thing now your ID:COM box will change again to green.

Step 9 - When you see your phone's Home screen, just disconnect your phone from USB and computer. You own a rooted Galaxy A5 now.

Note; If you are unlucky guy, I mean your phone is not rooted after all the tiring steps you followed, then sorry I must say this; you get to repeat the steps 3 till 9, but on the step 6 be sure to not selecting (checking) the Auto Reboot option in ODIN and after step 8 take off your battery and then power it on again to boot into Recovery Mode (Volume Down + Home + Power) that will install root package.
Since your Samsung Galaxy A5 is rooted, now you can search for the available custom ROMs for your device, now it's time Android Lollipop era, recommend you to find the ROMs that offer the Google's latest and most sophisticated ROM. And then flash it correctly.
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Update Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5100 To Android 5.0.2 Lollipop Unofficially

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Here is another custom ROM that's recently updated, OmniRom that is wrapped with Android 5.0.2 Lollipop for the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5100, you should be happy because of the ROM is not just giving you the latest Lollipop build, it is off course offering you their own exclusive features along. So you will get double excitements, one from Lollipop and from OmniROM itself.

Since this ROM is a community-based project dedicated for both Android users or developers, and invite anyone who wish to modify the ROM to their heart's content. Therefore you are free to use, to modify or to share to whoever you think will enjoy using it.

OmniROM details.

This ROM version is Android 5.0.x Lollipop using Linux 3.0.x as its ROM Kernel and based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project). Well to those who are interested to flash OmniROM on their Galaxy Tab 2 device can follow the complete guides from this post, the guides can be found in the lower part of this article.

However you should firstly read the following preconditions as a regular task before playing around with your beloved Android device.

  • You can't skip this extremely important precautions task, which is make a necessary backups over your data like SMS, photos, call logs, internet settings, etc all the data stored on your internal storage you regard important should be firstly saved before performing any unofficial procedure on your phone.
  • Sometime troubles happens like being able to make a connection between your phone and your PC, or simply not allowed to install unknown source on your device, thus to avoid those things you better enable USB debugging mode.
  • OmniROM Android 5.0.2 Lollipop ROM has been tested on unlocked factory of T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 N900T, therefore apply not on any other kind of device other than that.
  • This ROM is neither developed or released by Samsung, instead it's purely a third-party app developed by non-Samsung developer that requires the user to have a rooted device and have CWM recovery installed to flash the zip files.
  • Make sure you also do an action namely wipe dalvick cache on recovery mode.
  • One more thing, your installed Samsung KIES will not be able detect your phone once the ROM is installed, thus don't be panic, as I said this ROM is non-Samsung official software.
  • OmniROM doesn't include the Gapps therefore you should install the Google default apps separately, the steps will be included in the below tutorials.
  • Currently Root access is absent in this Rom, thus you will need to install SuperSU for root afterward.

Steps to install OmniROM Android 5.0.2 Lollipop ROM on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5100

Step 1. Download OmniROM Android 5.0.2 ROM along with Gapps zip files to existing computer, make sure to save the files on Desktop to be easily found.

Step 2. Plug your Galaxy Tab 2 to your PC using an original USB cable.

Step 3. Now paste the zip files you saved on Desktop to the SD card root folder.

Step 4. Shut down your Galaxy Tab and then take it off from USB cable.

Step 5. Boot into Recovery Mode now, do so by pressing buttons; Volume Up + Home + Power.

Step 6. Once you are inside the ClockWorkMod recovery you can perform several actions like wipe data or perform factory reset ( Use Power button to choose the required option).
Wipe Data / Factory Reset
Step 7. Not only that, you can also wipe your cache partition too.

Wipe Cache Partition
Step 8. This one is also needed to avoid error during flashing which is wipe dalvik cache.
Wipe Dalvik Cache
Step 9. Now since you have done cleaning those unused caches it is time to install zip file from your Phone's sd card. You can select flash / Install zip from SD card using Power button on main screen on recovery mode.

Step 10. Hit Power button for second time to choose zip from sdcard.

Step 11.  Use theVolume Keys to browse inside the mode, and then head to Android 5.0.2zip file that you previously pasted in SD Card (see step 1). To confirm the installation just press the Power button.
For flashing the Gapps, repeat the step 1 till 11 above.
Step 12. The installation will begin, all you need just wait till all the flashing process is complete, once it's just go to +++++Go Back then reboot your device using the available  reboot system now option within on recovery. Rebooting the first time with this ROM installed will generally takes time, thus be patient.

Awesome! Because your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5100 is now powered with OmniROM Android 5.0.2 Lollipop ROM.
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DomPop Android 5.0.1 Lollipop ROM For Galaxy Note 3 N900T

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Your T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 N900T can now be upgraded to non-official Android 5.0.1 Lollipop by the help of a custom ROM namely DomPop that's currently available for all of those device owners to download and install. The ROM is armed with several remarkable features including Galaxy Note 3 exclusive features like Added Note 4 SketchBook, Added Note 4 GeoLookout, Calibrate Battery on each boot, and also Build.Prop Tweak for battery life and networking, etc.

DomPop is a pre-rooted that means root access is already granted when the ROM is installed and heavily debloated too so you will have a light experience using it. If you think this ROM deserves to be installed, then prepare everything necessary before you begin flashing it on your T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3. But two first things you should have completed beforehand is rooting your device and have a custom recovery installed for zip file flashing purpose.

Issues and thing that doesn't work.
  • NFC doesn't work due to Samsung has not set this feature officially on Galaxy Note 3 N900T. It's suggested you to not flash any of NFC fixes, as that action will raise softbrick to your phone.
  • Noted Video issues, you are advised to subtitute to NuPlayer in Dev Options.
  • Well I won't be trying to bore you but this one is your must do thing before messing without your phone, which is make a backup over your data. Be sure you have made everything - especially data stored on your internal storage -- to be backup.
  • Perform enable USB debugging mode in case of trouble connecting your phone to computer or installing unknown source.
  • This ROM is tested on unlocked T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 N900T, so don't you ever try it on other models and brand beside it. 
  • DomPop Android 5.0.1 ROM is neither developed nor released by Samsung, it's released by the third-party developers that requires a root access.
  • Be sure you also commit wipe dalvick cache via recovery mode.
  • Samsung KIES will not recognize your phone after this ROM is installed, it's normal because the Samsung software installed on your PC is programmed to bind with Samsung software only.
DomPop Android ROM

Steps to install DomPop Android 5.0.1 Lollipop ROM on T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 N900T

Step 1. Download DomPop ROM zip files to your PC / laptop, put the files to the easy to find place, Desktop would be precise.

Step 2. Now make a connection between your phone and your computer using a USB cable.

Step 3. You need to copy all the files downloaded on step 1 then paste the files to your phone's SD card root.

Step 4. Power off your device and unplug it from USB cable.

Step 5. It's time to access Recovery Mode, as usual a combination of hardware buttons is required to do this just simply press and hold these buttons together; Volume Up + Home + Power.

Step 6. You are inside ClockWorkMod recovery mode, perform wipe data or perform factory reset by selecting wipe data/factory reset and use Power button to select the option.
Wipe Data / Factory Reset

Step 7. When you are inside the mode you can perform the wipe cache partition. See the following picture.
Wipe Cache Partition
Step 8. This step doesn't obligate you to fulfill, however it's recommended for you to  wipe dalvik cache in order to prevent error.
Wipe Dalvik Cache

Step 9. When you are done, it's time to select install zip from SD card. Continued with selecting flash zip from SD card using Power button to select that option on main recovery screen.

Step 10. Again press the Power button to select choose zip from sdcard.

Step 11.  Now choose zip from sdcard for second time. Utilize the Volume Keys to browse inside the mode, and then head to Android 5.0.1 zip file that you pasted on SD Card (see step 1). Again use Power button to select and confirm the installation.

Step 12. When you see all the flashing process is entirely complete, you can go to +++++Go Back and followed with rebooting your Galaxy Note using  reboot system now on recovery. Rebooting will take place and will be long, just wait and keep patient.

Man you are now using DomPop Android 5.0.1 Lollipop on your T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3, you should be happy!
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How To Take Screenshots On Motorola Droid Turbo

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Do you own a Motorola Droid Turbo and you want to take a screenshot on that device? That would be easy task to fulfill because the screen capturing is a default feature planted by Motorola for its users that need to capture any screen appear on their phone.

Capture a screen appears on Android phone is probably one of the abilities demanded by users to exist on their smart devices, albeit this activity is not used frequently, but sometime we need it for a certain activities like sharing our movie's episode to friends via media social services, or showing the troubles may happen on our phone to a Facebook's friend to ask their helps, and there are still other reasons that make us doing a screen capturing.

So whatever your reasoning might be, you will be guided to take a screenshot on your Motorola Droid Turbo. The procedure is very easy. And it can be applied on any kind of Droid Turbo, whether it's locked or unlocked, whether it's using a stock Android firmware or a custom ROM, you can perform the guide on any type or model of Droid Turbo phone.
Motorola Droid Turbo
How to Take Screenshots on Motorola Droid Turbo using hardware buttons.
  1. Now power on your Motorola Droid Turbo, if it's OFF.
  2. Then open a screen you wish to capture.
  3. Once you've found a screen, then press and hold Volume Down and Home together.
  4. Keep holding the buttons till you hear a shutter sound, that's it, the screen is captured.
  5. Your newly and fresh screen will then store in your Media Gallery automatically. Thus visit the app to see it.
Or if you want to use an app, there is one that's designed for screen capturing, the app is named QuickMemo.

How to take screenshot on Motorola Droid Turbo using an app.
  1. Just launch Google Play Store.
  2. Then search, download and install QuickMemo app.
  3. Now find a screen you wish to capture.
  4. Then slide down to notification panel and then tap on the QuickMemo icon.
  5. Done!
  6. You can find the captured screen in your Gallery app.
Well done my friend because you have mastered all the available methods to take a screenshot on Motorola Droid Turbo. If you have any other way that you think simpler compared with the above two methods. Please share to us so we can update this post to include your own method. Until then see you in the next post.
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Flash CM12 Nightly ROM Android 5.0.2 On Galaxy S4 I9505

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Albeit a confirmed news saying that Samsung will roll out Android 5.0 Lollipop for Galaxy S4, yet until now we haven't seen any signs of the Lollipop coming to 5" based device. But still if the news comes true, than it would be third major update (after Android 4.3 and 4.4) for Galaxy S4. Well instead of waiting for the official to come we can accept the offer from a third-party developer that bringing to us CM12 Nightly ROM that can be flashed on Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505.

CM12 Nightly ROM is purely based on stock Android Lollipop that means your phone will taste the sweet of Vanilla experience, aside from that you will be getting Lollipop latest version which is 5.0.2 along with the exclusive features from this ROM itself. Since it uses CM source, so you will find all CM bugs within the ROM.

CM12 Nightly will be updated everyday to ensure its performance run as fast, smooth, stable as possible and to fix any bugs which may exist. The ROM is free to download and install, it requires you to have a root access and have a custom recovery installed (CWM is recommended).

  • Before proceeding to the guides be sure you have everything backed up, all data in your internal storage like Contacts, Apps, APN Settings, GPS, 3G, SMS, Google data, ets should be backup first before playing around with your phone.
  • In case you experience trouble when connecting your phone to computer or install unknown source, then you must enable USB debugging mode first.
  • When we tested this ROM we use a factory unlocked Galaxy S4, therefore we recommend your phone is that kind. Don't apply on locked phone. 
  • CM12 Nightly ROM is not developed nor released by Samsung, it takes a root access and a custom recovery to flash the zip files.
  • Perform wipe of your phone's existing dalvick cache from recovery mode.
  • Don't be panic if after this ROM installed you find that Samsung KIES will no detect your phone, it is normal because CM12 is not an official software therefore KIES will not recognize it.
  • The CM12 ROM doesn't include Google Apps by default, therefore you must to install the Google official apps separately.
Android 5.0.2 LolliPop

Steps to install CM12 Nightly ROM Android 5.0,2 on Galaxy S4 I9505 Phone.

Step 1. Download CM12 Nightly ROM and download Google Apps zip files to your computer or laptop, keep the files on the desktop to be found easily.

Step 2. Now you can use USB cable in order to connect between your computer and Galaxy S4.

Step 3. Copy all the zip files you downloaded on step 1 then paste them on your phone's SD Card root.

Step 4. Now turn off your Galaxy S4 continued with disconnecting it from USB cable.

Step 5. You need to boot Recovery Mode do so by powering on your phone then press and hold these buttons simultaneously Volume Up + Home + Power.

Step 6. You are inside ClockWorkMod recovery mode, perform wipe data or perform factory reset by selecting wipe data/factory reset and use Power button to select the option.
Wipe Data / Factory Reset

Step 7. Afterward you also need to wipe cache partition. See the picture below.

Wipe Cache Partition
Step 8. Albeit this is not a must do procedure, however I recommend you to do it, please to also perform wipe dalvik cache to avoid error. See the picture below.

Wipe Dalvik Cache

Step 9. When you have finished with that, head to main recovery and choose install zip from SD card. And then flash zip from SD card by using Power button to choose the option.

Step 10. Now press Power button to choose choose zip from sdcard.

Step 11.  Now choose zip from sdcard for second time. Use the available Volume Keys to navigate inside the mode, and then go to Android 5.0.zip file you previously pasted on your SD card on step 1. To select the option you can use Power button, then confirm the installation to begin. (Repeat the step 1 till 11 to install Gapps).

Step 12. When the installation process is complete you need to go +++++Go Back. And then reboot your device, using  reboot system now on recovery. Rebooting will take place now just wait.

You did it my friend, you have completed all the required steps to flash CM12 Nightly ROM based on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop on Galaxy S4  S4 I9505 phone. Verify it by going to Settings -> About phone.
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Install Android 5.0.2 OmniROM On Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100

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In this post you will be guided to install Android 5.0.2 Lollipop on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100. Android Lollipop is the latest and most sophisticated Android version available right now and Google had planted too many amazing surprises within this version only for you.

However, unfortunately the Galaxy Tab 2 has not received any Lollipop official update therefore the users of the superb tablet searching for the non-official software to bring the same to their device. Your searching should stop here as this post containing the step by step guides to deliver Android 5.0.2 Lollipop for your Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100. If you think it's time to lift up your device software version now it's the time.

Versions and warnings.

OmniROM Android 5.0.2 ROM released by a recognized contributor of XDA dev forum namely Android Andi, the guy says the ROM is based on 5.0.x Lollipop using Linux 3.0.x as ROM Kernel and its status is still testing therefore you can expect bugs and other similar inconvenient things exist within the ROM. However in overall the ROM is good enough.

Remember for all the risks may happen for following the guides are entirely yours to hold. Don't blame me or the developer of the ROM if you happen bricking or damaging your phone during or after flashing process.

If you want to give this ROM a try, then make sure you have rooted your device with a custom recovery fully installed, or else you will not be able to flash the zip files. So are you ready? Let's do it.
OmniROM Android Lollipop

Files you certainly need.

How To Install Android 5.0.2 Lollipop OmniROM

  1. Download all the files above then move to your tablet's MicroSD card.
  2. Then reboot your phone to recovery mode.
  3. Then Wipe Data Factory Reset
  4. format /system
  5. format /data (better "format /data and /data/media")
  6. Now flash all the files including ROM, GApps, also the SuperSU from Chainfire.
  7. Reboot your phone.
Congratulation since you have finished undergo all the required steps to flash the ROM, now whenever you experience issues or something that force you to reveal a question then you can post it on its official thread in XDA on here.
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HTC Rolls Out Android 5.0 Lollipop Official For HTC One M8

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The official Android 5.0 Lollipop update along with latest HTC official UI, Sensation 6 are now available for HTC One M8 phone. The latest software update is targeting to both Unlocked and Developer Edition of HTC One M8. As it's promised last year that HTC will start roll out the new Lollipop early this year. And number of other HTC models will get their turn afterward.

Therefore now it's time for you to check your software update utility like OTA or notification panels available. You should keep checking it as this release is rolling out in phases internationally, thus there is delay before it finally reach you.

Android Lollipop (5.0) software is the latest and sophisticated update for the 5.0″ Super LCD3 capacitive touchscreen based phone. Android 5.0 is armed with number of features, one of the most striking one is material design that managed to grab attention worldwide. And the rest of the features are also tempting, once you get your phone updated to this version then you will enjoy line of features like;
  • Tap and Go
  • Ok Google
  • Double tap to wake to wake up your phone by speaking to it.
  • Ambient Display
  • Face unlock
  • Lock screen notifications
  • Priority Mode
  • Guest Mode. To find more of what each feature can do for you, please visit The Verge's post called 12 of the best new features in Android Lollipop.
And it's said only the Unlocked models of HTC One M8 can enjoy OTA update and there will be no bloatware after the firmware is entirely flashed. The exact version of the software is 4.16.1540.8 and the file size is about 584 MB. Considering its size, so I recommend you to to download it while you're connected to Wi-Fi network, don't use your mobile data plan. Thus, keep checking the Software Updates on your phone. Who know it's there now.
HTC One M8 Android 5.0 Lollipop Update
As for those people in US who use Verizon, AT&T or other carrier in US then you are going to need more times before Android 5.0 Lollipop official finally comes to you. According a trusted source, it may take about a month before it hits to you.

One more thing, if you have customized your phone with a custom ROM or other unofficial procedure then there's a chance you won't be getting an update notifications through notification panels or such. Again, this release is for unlocked and developer editions of HTC One M8 that is still pure.

Anyway if you have Android 5.0 Lollipop official installed on your HTC One M8, you are pleased to share it on the comments area and share your experience to us. Thank you for your visit.
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How To Hard Reset Motorola Moto G

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Motorola Moto G is like any other Android phone, it comes with ability to be brought back to its initial settings (factory settings) or this one is widely known hard reset. By performing hard reset to your Moto G then you can fix errors that may occur on the said handset. It's probably the safest solution to take your phone out from problems and errors which effect to its performance.

Android device manufacturers provide ability to hard reset to every products they release, because they know the users -- some of them -- want to unleash the hidden ability of their device by doing some non-official operations like rooting, installing root apps, installing custom ROMs released by third-party developers, custom Kernels and other stuff with one single purpose to get the best experience possible using their hard-earned phone.

By doing those non-authorized activities, problems like unable to turn On / Off your phone (brick) or your phone stuck in bootloop or your phone directly boot into recovery mode may happen. Mistakenly following the written tutorials a user found on the internet could be the main culprit or the software a user use is not supported by its Android smartphone.

For a hard bricked phone, there is nothing you can do about it. When it comes to this varmint people usually take their damaged phone to a professional help, like official service center from the manufacturer who produced the phone. But still, if you able to perform hard reset over your bricked phone you are recommended to firstly undergo this solution before giving up.

See how to fix bricked Moto G as references to know what errors may yield the errors and tips to fix them.

Anyway let's get started to the main topic. In this post I have separated two solutions for hard-resetting your phone. First one if you still can access your phone, the second through recovery mode. Pick one that fits with your existing condition.

Hard Reset Android

Hard reset Motorola Moto G

Before you read each solution below. Make sure you have made a necessary backups over data stored on your internal storage. They will be squeezed after hard-reset process done.

First solution.
  1. If you can access your phone, then tap on menu icon.
  2. Then choose ...settings.
  3. Now select backup and reset -> factory data reset.
  4. Then choose reset phone then wait for the hard-resetting process to finish.
Second solution
  1. So, first of all turn off your Moto G.
  2. Then enter your Android smartphone in recovery mode.
  3. Inside the recovery mode, just choose Wipe Data Factory Reset.
    Wipe Data Factory Reset
  4. Within the mode, you are going to browse to get to the needed option / menu. Therefore use Volume keys like Volume Up / Down and use Power to choose the preferred option.
  5. After you finished resetting your factory data, but the problem still persists like slow performance, etc then perform Wipe Cache Partition. Select this option with the recovery mode. 
    Wipe Cache Partition
  6. Once you have done that, reboot your phone by choosing reboot system now.
  7. Done.
Well done. You have now expert a quick and simple way to fix your Moto G phone in case of errors like bricked, etc. By performing hard reset on Moto G you have ensured that your phone will back to its clean condition.
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How To Fix Bricked Motorola Moto G (Complete Solutions)

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A bricked Motorola Moto G means your device is not functioning like it used to, the cause of the problem is due to failure when performing the custom operations -- or unofficial operations -- and following non-tested and trusted tutorials. As the result to the mentioned activities your Android phone is bricked or damaged signed with several symptoms like your phone is stuck in a boot loop, your phone freeze on boot screen, you can't either turn it off or turn it on.

Not only that in some conditions the symptoms also found on the other areas, like fast battery draining, your phone's is frequently lagging and slow because of the OS is corrupted, etc.

What exactly caused the brick?

As mentioned earlier that you have performed unofficial operations using non-reliable tutorials and ended up in failure. The specific operations that are widely known as culprit for damaging or bricking your phone is rooting your phone, unlocking your device's bootloader, installing a custom recovery image, installing a custom kernel, updating using a custom ROM, overclocking your device's CPU, etc. Those are risky zeal should be practiced with precaution and using trusted sources as tutorials. And the additional risk followed beside what already mentioned risks is losing your device's warranty.

Complete solutions!

Fortunately the bricked Android phone can be fixed, albeit the level of the damage could be devastating yet you can fix it manually. But remember, the fix applies only to soft bricked phone. There is no cure for hard bricked phone. If your phone is totally hard-bricked, then you need to bring it to nearest service center let the professional help you out from the misery.

Fix bricked Moto G phone

You can use all or one of the three solutions offered here to get your phone out of bricked state. The solutions are all familiar used by Android users each time they found problem. So this one is a regular fix, no need to worry. And perform the guides carefully. Be sure you have backups for every data you know for sure will shed your tears if they're gone.
Fix Unbricked Motorola Moto G

Solution 1. Hard reset your Motorola Moto G.

Hard reset is one of the used methods to deal with many errors on Android phone, by doing this you will revert your phone to its initial condition. So it's expected if your Moto G back to its original state then the bricked issue will go away. Remember performing this solution will wipe out your data, except the stock apps. Get to to hard reset Moto G post to perform the activity.

Solution 2. Fix Moto G with boot loop issue

In case your current condition is stuck in boot loop, the situation could be caused by previous official or custom ROM flashing you did. To get rid of the issue you may want to follow the step by step instructions below.
  1. Enter to recovery mode -> choose wipe cache partition.
  2. Now on main menu choose wipe dalvick cache.
  3. Now back to recovery main menu to choose reboot system now.
Solution 3. Fix Moto G that enters in recovery mode automatically

In other Android phone this shouldn't be a problem, because the existance of Micro SD card that you need to format a memory card in FAT32 system and then install a stock OF. However there is no such thing as Micro SD card support in Moto G, thus you are unable to place a SD card. So the workaround is to unroot your device -- if you previously rooted it. Or you can simply downgrade to stock Android OS.

How to flash stock Android OS on Motorola Moto G
  1. Download a stock Android firmware that is supported with your Moto G model and save it to your computer.
  2. Also download the RSD Lite program on your computer, install it.
  3. Unzip the Android OS stock package on desktop.
  4. Now find a .XML file on the extracted folder, then open it on Notepad (by right-click on the file then select open with Notepad)
  5. Find the line with the word getvar (step operation = getvar) and then delete the line and save the file.
  6. Now launch RSD Lite you downloaded and installed earlier to your computer.
  7. Now you need to load the firmware file (the .xml file you just edited) on the RSD Lite.Load the firmware file on the program (the edited .xml file).
  8. In this phase you have to enter to fastboot mode. 
  9. Then connect your Moto G to computer using a USB cord. If things are right, then hit Start from RSD Lite.
  10. The process will flash the Android OS firmware on your Moto G.
That's Remarkable guys! Because you have finally freed your Motorola Moto G from brick. You should now be careful when performing any activities you believe that could potentially bring back the same condition in the future. One more thing, since the solutions offered on this post requiring you to enter fastboot and recovery mode on your Moto G, thus if it's nearly impossible if you are unable to enter to that mode. If that's the case then you should take your phone to the professional hands.
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Update T-Mobile Galaxy S4 M919 To BeanStalk Android 5.0 Lollipop

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Not just Kindle Fire HD 7" that has the honor to taste the Beanstalk ROM, T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 M919 is invited too for enjoying Android 5.0 Lollipop that the ROM is currently offering. Albeit Galaxy S4 will be getting Android 5.0 Lollipop officially in this year, yet having the modified and non-official software is so tempting. It's because you will get double candies.

Custom ROM is basically created with one idea is to offer something that is absent on stock firmware, the developers behind the available ROMs think they should add more functionalities so users can have the best experience possible.

And Beanstalk is one of the available custom ROMs maintained and developed by people passionately to deliver the Android 5.0 Lollipop with their own exclusive features.

Today Due Android Tips will share the step by step instructions to install Beanstalk custom ROM on your Galaxy S4, if you own that super phone and want to give the ROM a try, then you may follow the guides. Keep in mind all the risks are proudly given to you only. Don't blame either me or the developers behind the ROM if you brick or damage your phone during or after the flashing process.
BeanStalk 5.0 Lollipop
  • Make sure you make a necessary backups over your data, like SMS, Contacts, Apps, Google Data, Call History, APN Settings, GPS, 3G, etc. Do this before messing with your phone.
  • Enable USB debugging mode to avoid trouble when connecting your phone to PC or installing this unknown source.
  • Be sure your phone is factory unlocked, because it's tested on the that kind of phone. Thus it's not recommended for locked phone. 
  • This is not an official firmware from Samsung, but a custom ROM that requires a rooted device with a custom recovery installed.
  • Wipe the existing dalvick cache via recovery mode.
  • Samsung KIES will not recognize your phone anymore, this is normal because you have installed a custom ROM.
  • The Beanstalk ROM doesn't come with Google Apps, thus you may need to download and install the apps separately.

Steps to install BeanStalk ROM Android 5.0 on Galaxy S4 M919 T-Mobile.

Step 1. Download Beanstalk ROM and download Google Apps zip files to your PC or laptop.

Step 2. Use your USB cable to connect your phone to computer.

Step 3. Copy and paste the zip files you download on step 1 to your Phone's SD Card root.

Step 4. Power off your phone now followed with disconnect it to USB cable.

Step 5. Now boot into Recovery Mode by turn your phone ON then press and hold these buttons simultaneously Volume Up + Home + Power.

Step 6. Now your are in ClockWorkMod recovery, you need to wipe data or perform factory reset by choosing wipe data/factory reset and use Power button to select it.
Wipe Data / Factory Reset

Step 7. You also need to perform wipe cache partition in this mode. See the image below.

Wipe Cache Partition
Step 8. This is not obligate, however I recommend you to do it. Perform wipe dalvik cache. See the picture below.

Wipe Dalvik Cache

Step 9. When you have done that, back to main recovery and select install zip from SD card. And then flash zip from SD card and use Power button to select the option.

Step 10. Hit Power button again to select choose zip from sdcard.

Step 11.  Again select zip from sdcard. To navigate you can use Volume Keys and head to Android 5.0.zip file you pasted to SD card on step 1. To choose the option use Power button and then confirm the installation to start. (Repeat the step 1 till 11 to install Gapps).

Step 12. After the installing process finished, go +++++Go Back. Restart your phone using“reboot system now from recovery. Your phone should reboot now and wait.

Well done, all the processes of installing BeanStalk Android 5.0 Lollipop have been performed now you should see the ROM on About Phone via Settings. So enjoy it!
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