Update OnePlus One To Android 5.0.2 Lollipop With Cyanogen OS 12 ROM

Today we will try to help you with guides to install Cyanogen OS 12 YNG1TAS17L Android 5.0.2 on your OnePlus One, the update brings the liked feature which is Oke OnePlus preinstalled. So if you didn't find the feature on the previous build then you might want to install this version to get it and have a better performance for you.

Installing Cyanogen OS 12 requires your phone to have a TWRP custom recovery installed, this is needed to flash the Cyanogen OS 12 YNG1TAS17L zip file. And performing a factory reset, however if you are using the previous version and want to update to this build then do not do a factory reset. A factory reset only for those who install this build; YNG1TAS17L for the first time.

And you can also grab this build via OTA, however it takes about next few hours or may be a few days thus if you hate to wait that long then follow the instructions from this post to manually install Cyanogen OS 12 Android 5.0.2 Lollipop on OnePlus One phone right now.
OnePlus One


Steps to install OxygenOS Android 5.0.2 Lollipop ROM on OnePlus One

Step 1. Download Cyanogen OS 12 Android 5.0.2 YNG1TAS17L ROM to computer of yours.

Step 2. Now plug your smartphone to your PC using your USB cable.

Step 3. When they all are connected, then find the Cyanogen OS 12 from your computer, then move it to your OnePlus One sd card root.

Step 4. Turn off your OnePlus One device and disconnect it from PC to enter to recovery mode.

Step 5. Boot to recovery mode by pressing Volume Down + Power at the same time.

Step 6. Within TWRP recovery mode, press wipe button continued with selecting 'swipe to factory reset' option at the bottom.
TWRP Recovery Menu
Swipe To Factory TWRP Recovery
Step 7. Now go back to main menu then click on install button. Then choose the zip file from the list, the zip file you moved earlier to your phone's sd card root folder.
TWRP ROM Zip File Flash

Step 8. Confirm to begin the installation from next screen by 'swipe to confirm flash' option. The installation will begin.
TWRP Swipe To Confirm Flash
Step 9. When it's done, you will find the following image notifying the flashing process.
Install Custom ROM Via TWRP Recovery

Step 10. Now select Reboot System to reboot your OnePlus One device.

Just wait for your phone to reboot, it takes about 5 minutes or probably more, it's because the phone loads a new ROM.

When your OnePlus One is powered on, then you will see it's powered with Cyanogen OS 12 Android 5.0.2 Lollipop YNG1TAS17L ROM. Just verify it using the About phone section within the Settings area.
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Factory Reset Asus Zenfone All Models (Complete Guides)

Here you can learn on how to factory reset your Asus Zenfone smartphone, the steps are complete and clear to guide in bringing back your Asus Zenfone to its factory settings just like when you bought it for the first time.

Of course the reason you decide to perform this action is vary, could be you want to sell your Asus Zenfone to someone and certainly you want to make sure all both your general and personal data are erased entirely from your phone. Or you simply want to fix it from the errors your phone is currently experiencing hoping the factory reset action will wash  your phone from the errors.

And whatever your reasoning, you will be guided here to restore your phone and forcefully reset your phone to its original settings and condition.

Keep in mind performing a factory reset will erase your data including your photos, apps, musics, settings, personal information, etc. And all data you saved in Google account can be restored once you sign in to your account. And be sure you firstly make backups before taking this action! Remember you've been forewarned!

How to factory reset Asus Zenfone all models (complete guides)

  1. If your Asus Zenfone is on, then turn it off. Be sure you have at least 40 or 50 percent battery power.
  2. Once your Asus Zenfone is completely turned off. Then press these keys Power + Voume Up for a few seconds (3 or 5 precisely).
  3. Then release the buttons once this Android green robot icon DroidBoot Mode Asus Zenfone Android appear on your screen, enter Update Mode / Droiboot.
  4. You will then see Droidboot mode screen just like in the following image.
    Asus Zenfone Factory Reset Option
    If you do not see the above screen, then repeat the process from step 1.
  5. You can select Factory Reset option, use Volume key to scroll up and down and to select just use Power button.
    Factory Reset Asus Zenfone Smartphone
  6. Your Asus Zenfone will then reboot, and the factory resetting process applies during reboot.
  7. Once your Asus Zenfone finished rebooting, and it's on again, you will see it's on the original condition just like when you first time bought it.
Hope you will find this post useful.
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How To Take Screenshots On Asus Zenfone

Take screenshots on Asus Zenfone. Taking a screenshot is a general activity and in often time we do it for a certain reasons, especially if you are a blogger like me that sharing how to tutorials involving capturing screens on Android to clear my point.

And fortunately Asus has made this activity amazingly easy. You can use key combinations or one key / button only to take screenshot in Asus Zenfone. And Today I will share both ways for you to pick one that easier and faster for capturing screens.

How to capture screenshot on Asus ZenFone 4, 5 and 6

First method

You can use keys combinations and this one is faster compared with the second method. 

  1. Once you found a screen to be captured, just press these keys together at the same time; Volume Down (-) and Power.
    Take Screenshot Asus Zenfone Android
  2. Keep them pressed till you heard photo sound and the screen will b captured.
  3. To see your new screenshot, just open the Gallery, in there your new screenshot is saved.
Second method.

The second method requires you to firstly activate the ASUS customized settings. Below are the complete steps to do so.

  1. Open Settings > ASUS Customized Settings.
    Screenshot ZenFone 1
  2. Then tap on Recent Apps Key option, then choose the Tap and hold to get screenshot.
    Screenshot Asus ZenFone
    Screenshot Asus ZenFone
  3. Once you have done with activating the option. It is time to find the screen you wish to capture.
  4. Press the Recent  Apps button on the screen you want to take, then a capturing sound will be heard and your screenshot will be delivered automatically to Gallery app.
    Screenshot Asus ZenFone 2
  5. Done! You can open Gallery to see your new screenshot. So in the future if you find an interesting screen to capture, just repeat the step 3 to 4. And your screenshot will be ready for you anytime you wish to see on Gallery app.
Hope you will find this post useful and glad now you can take any screens you find interesting on your Asus Zenfone smartphone.
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How To Record Phone Calls On Asus Zenfone

How to record phone calls on Asus Zenfone. Perhaps you don't know that your Asus Zenfone is equipped with call recorder by default. So with that ability you can record phone calls you are making with anyone. Actually this should be a rare case when a phone company provides this kind of feature by default. And Asus goes even more by providing the two options to choose to record the phone conversations automatically or manually.

Call recorder is built-in feature in Asus Zenfone, and this is rarely found on any other Android smartphone or tablet. Even a call recorder app we installed from Google Play Store to do the recording job is sometime doesn't deliver the result as we expect.

But the call recorder in Asus does a great job and can record the phone conversations clearly and so easily. Just hit the button and the recording will begin without obstacle.

And in this post I would like to elaborate the steps to record phone calls on Asus Zenfone 4, 5, 6 and C. So if you own one of the mentioned models, then you can prepare yourself by grabbing your smartphone and read the instructions below.

How to record phone calls on Asus Zenfone 4, 5, 6

Manually record phone calls on Asus Zenfone

So when you are in the phone conversation with someone and want to record your conversation with him / her. Then all you need to do is simply pressing the REC button.

See the following image to clear my point.
Record Phone Calls On Asus Zenfone

The above method only record the phone call manually and only to a certain people you are talking to on the phone.

To listen to the recording, just open the Sound Recorder app from your Asus Zenfone phone.

Sound Recorder ZenFone

Inside Sound Recorder app, just open Settings -> on Recording List -> Call Recordings now you will see the name lists of your recordings with the phone number of someone you previously called on phone. Just tap on the name to listen your recording.

Automatically record phone calls on Asus ZenFone.

If you want to record all the phone calls, then you can enable the Auto Call Recording feature. With the feature enabled, all the phone calls will be recorded automatically. But keep in mind this will eat your phone's storage space.


Step 1. Open Settings.

Step 2. Now go to Call Settings.

Call Settings ZenFone

Step 3. Now to the Auto Call Recording.

Auto Call Recording Asus ZenFone

Step 4. Now click on first option that says Auto Call Recording.

Auto Call Recording Asus ZenFone 2

Step 5. To see the result just go to internal storage -> call recording.

I have elaborated all the necessary steps to record phone calls on Asus Zenfone manually and automatically. Hope you have found this post useful. And do not forget to plus, tweet or like this post so your friend will know it. See you again in the next Due Android Tips blog posts.
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How To Make Conference Call On Asus Zenfone

Do you want to know how to make conference call on Asus Zenfone? It's so easy you know. And this feature is provided by default. And it's one of the other pre-installed features planted by the Taiwan company on their Zenfone flagships to accommodate us in making conference calling with family or friends together.

With the existence of conference calling then you won't be bothered with incoming call from your friend, because you can invite them to join the conference with other participants. And chat together about something you all like and have fun to your limit. And Asus has made this exciting feature available and can be activated so easily.

During the conference call with your family or friends then you can plan to make trips or business together and each participant can reveal their opinion for all of you to hear.

Differs with changing Asus Zenfone font types that requires us to root our device, in making conference call we don't need a root access as this feature provided by default.

Speaking about root Android. The following are the tutorials you can utilize to bring root access to your Asus Zenfone based on the type you are using. Please visit the link below.

And of course we like to make conference call because talking with more than one people on phone is sometime needed and more exciting. And Asus knew that that's why the company provided this feature for us to use it.
Make Conference Call Asus Zenfone

Steps to make conference call on Asus Zenfone

  1. Call a number from your contact or simply type the numbers. Wait till your call is answered.
  2. Now when you call is answered by your friend, then tap this Create Conference Call Asus ZenFone then tap on contact name or dial phone number you wish to invite as a participant of your conference calling.
  3. Tap Make Conference Call Asus ZenFone to connect the second participant to the first participant. So the can communicate to each other.
    Add More Caller Conference Call Asus Zenfone
  4. Now tap Create Conference Call Asus ZenFone again if you wish to add more people join your conference. Just tap this Create Conference Call Asus ZenFone each time you want to add more participant.
  5. That's it.
Now you know how to make conference call on Asus Zenfone flagship just enjoy chatting with your family or friends.
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How To Change Asus Zenfone Font Type

Instructions to change font type of Asus Zenfone. Just like in any other Android based operating system devices, in Asus Zenfone we can change the existing font with other font types. But unfortunately the ability to change Asus Zenfone font is not available by default. But you need to undergo the unofficial operations in order to achieve that.

The unofficial operations to change Asus Zenfone font is by firstly root your Asus Zenfone -- so far this is the only way as there is no an official way to do so. And then we need to download and install a file manager app, like Root Xplorer (If we haven't installed it) and then download the font file.

For rooting tutorials then you can pick one from the following links.

But remember! One thing you should know is to do these operations but all the risks (like bootloop) are yours to take. And make sure you firstly make backups over your existing fonts, settings, data and other digital contents stored in your Asus Zenfone storage.
How To Change Asus Zenfone Font Type

  • Your Asus Zenfone is already rooted.
Files you will need.

Instructions to install and change font type of Asus Zenfone

Backup your existing font.

  1. Open your Root/System/Fonts directory and then place the Roboto-Regular.ttf file there.
  2. Copy Roboto-Regular.ttf file and then paste anywhere, this is needed to backup the default font.
Now install the new font.

  1. Extract font.zip file that you downloaded earlier.
  2. Open the extracted folder, then choose the font file (ttf) according your like. You can choose any font name, for example Angelina.ttf font.
  3. So change the Angelina.ttf file name to be Roboto-Regular.ttf.
  4. Copy and paste it to Root/System/Fonts directory and change its permission to be R-W-R-R
  5. Done! Now you can enjoy the new font on your Asus Zenfone. Repeat the process if you want to change to another font type.
That's it! You have managed to change Asus Zenfone font, the process was easy, wasn't it? Hope you can follow all the steps there successfully.
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Install N915VVRU1AOC2 (VRU1AOC2) On Galaxy Note Edge SM-N915V

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge SM-N915V can now be updated to Android 4.4.4 N915VVRU1AOC2 (VRU1AOC2) after the Korean company released the stock firmware today. The update doesn't bring major improvements or changes, however it will help your device performance with bug-fixes within. If you want to install VRU1AOC2 Android 4.4.4 KitKat on your Galaxy Ace 4 LTE then you will be guided on this post.

Make sure you prepare everything that you usually prepare before updating your device, don't forget to make a necessary backup over your important data. One more thing, I must tell you that if your Galaxy Note Edge SM-N915V has rooted access then it will be gone as this stock software will restore your kernel.

I think I have revealed all the important preconditions now it's time to move on to the instructions.

Firmware file.

USA (Verizon); N915VVRU1AOC2_N915VVZW1AOC2_VZW.

How to install VRU1AOC2 [N915VVRU1AOC2] Android 4.4.4 KitKat on Samsung Galaxy Note Edge SM-N915V

Step 1 - Save the VRU1AOC2 package to your computer, do not extract software stock firmware package from links above to your computer, but don’t forget to extract it.

Step 2 - Download ODIN v3.09  it is Odin tha will be used to install N915VVRU1AOC2 update to your Samsung Galaxy Note Edge SM-N915V device.

Step 3- Now we need to enter the Download Mode, firstly shut down your smartphone then press these three buttons altogether Volume Down + Home + Power until a warning message appear then press Volume Up for entering the download mode.

Download Mode Samsung Galaxy Note Edge SM-N915V

Step 4 - You must now open Odin to further connect your Galaxy Note Edge to computer using your USB cable.

Step 5 - When your device is detected by Odin then your ID:COM box will turn to yellow with COM port number.

Step 6 -Now do the following action in Odin.

  • Click on ‘PDA’ / 'AP' then choose file with ‘CODE’ the name.
For newer Odin version, tap AP button then the file should be selected comes with .tar.md5 extension.
Step 7- Also select these two options too; Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time via Odin.

Step 8 - And then hit Start button for the installation to begin.

Step 9 - When the installation is done, your Galaxy Note Edge will reboot, when  the Home screen show up after rebooting then unplug your device from USB cable.

Done you have installed VRU1AOC2 [G313MUBU0ANK1] firmware on your Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Congratulations.
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Install I337MVLUGOC4 (VLUGOC4) On Galaxy S4 SGH-I337M (Canada)

Well a happy news for the Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-I337M (Canada) users because you are handed with update, it's the I337MVLUGOC4 (VLUGOC4) that's coming with the Android 5.0.1 Lollipop . It is not surprising if you see its availability now from either Samsung KIES or OTA update. But if there is no notifications from the said features. Do not be worry here you will manually guided to install the same firmware update.

Of course the process will be a bit complicated as it's a manual road, but at the end you will have Samsung Galaxy S4 powered with  I337MVLUGOC4. Interested? Then let's do it my friend.

So prepare everything necessary like enabling your phone USB debugging and one more thing if your Galaxy S4 is rooted then VLUGOC4 will wipe it out. Worry not as you can root it again later using the available rooting method.

Firmware file.

How to install I337MVLUGOC4: Android 5.0.1 VLUGOC4 on Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-I337M (Canada)

Step 1 - Download VLUGOC4 software from above download link, then save the files on desktop if you want it to be easily found. Do not extract the file, remember that, ok?

Step 2 - Download ODIN v3.09 that you will need to flash I337MVLUGOC4 Android 5.0.1 VLUGOC4 to your Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-I337M (Canada).

Step 3- Now enter to the download mode, shut your phone down, then press these buttons Volume Down + Home + Power till a warning comes up then hit the Volume Up for entering the download mode.

Step 4 - Open Odin now, then connect your phone to computer.

Step 5 - Your ID:Com will turn to yellow or blue with com port number. That means the connection is successful.

Step 6 - Inside Odin, do the following.
  • Click on ‘PDA’ / 'AP' then choose file with ‘CODE’ the name.
Tap the AP button if you use newer Odin version then select this file; .tar.md5.

Step 7- Remember you need to also select these options before hitting the Start button; Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options from ODIN.

Step 8 - Now let's flash the firmware by hitting the Start button. The installation will begin.

Step 9 - When it's done, then your phone will reboot, once it's done rebooting and you see your Home screen, unplug your phone from USB cable.

You did it guys you just installed  I337MVLUGOC4 Android 5.0.1 VLUGOC4 software on Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-I337M (Canada).
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Install XXU1BOCA (G900HXXU1BOCA) On Galaxy S5 SM-G900H (3G)

We can now update our Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H (3G) Value Edition to G900HXXU1BOCA Android 5.0 Lollipop (XXU1BOCA) to get boost up the performance of the device. The update was just released today bringing minor changes and improvements for the device. And XXU1BOCA Android 5.0 Lollipop is for people in Brazil with the device in hand. So you can grab the G900HXXU1BOCA via Samsung KIES or OTA update on your phone.

But you can also install it manually if you like and in this post you will find a compiled step by step instructions to deliver the G900HXXU1BOCA Android 5.0 firmware on your Galaxy S5 phone. If you want to you can prepare everything necessary now before flashing this stock firmware update.

Firmware files.

How to install G900HXXU1BOCA Android 5.0 Lollipop (XXU1BOCA) on Samsung Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H (3G)

Step 1 - Remember it's better to keep the downloaded G900HXXU1BOCA software update to your desktop.

Step 2 - Download ODIN v3.09 for you to install G900HXXU1BOCA.

Step 3- You need now entering the download mode, so power off your smartphone then press Volume Down + Home + Power and a warning message will appear if that's so press the Volume Up to enter to that mode.

Step 4 - Open Odin now, then connect your Samsung Galaxy S5 to computer.

Step 5 - When you see your ID:Com box become yellow with com port number then you have managed connecting your phone to computer. The process could be long, thus just wait, okey?

Step 6 - Now in the Odin, perform these actions.
  • Click on ‘PDA’ / 'AP' then choose file with ‘CODE’ the name.
If you are using a newer Odin version, then you should tap AP button then select the firmware file .tar.md5 as the extension.

Step 7- Also do not forget to choose and check the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time on Odin.

Step 8 - When all the tasks done, hit the Start button for the installation to begin.

Step 9 - Your phone will restart when the firmware is entirely flashed, when you see your Home screen then disconnect your phone from usb cable.

Well done my friend, now you have the Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H (3G) with G900HXXU1BOCA Android 5.0 Lollipop running.
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Install G920LKLU1AOD5 (KLU1AOD5) On Galaxy S6 SM-G920L

The G920LKLU1AOD5 Android 5.0.2 Lollipop for Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920L is released and this is not a big update, except for maintenance and fixing several bugs related to the device's performance. You are welcomed to install this official release through Samsung KIES or Over The Air update. Remember the KLU1AOD5 Android 5.0.2 Lollipop comes to improve your device performance therefore there's no reason for you to ignore it. And the G920LKLU1AOD5 is the region limited update, thus some people will get the update notification while some don't.

And if you wish to manually update the G920LKLU1AOD5 on your Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920L then you are in luck as the post you are reading now containing a complete step by step instructions to achieve that. Odin will be used to flash the firmware files and also we will provide the KLU1AOD5 firmware file too below.

Firmware file.

Korea (LG Uplus); G920LKLU1AOD5_G920LLUC1AOD5_LUC.

How to install G920LKLU1AOD5 (KLU1AOD5) Android 5.0.2 Lollipop on Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920L

Step 1 - Now after you have downloaded the KLU1AOD5 software, you should save the file on the Desktop to be easily found.

Step 2 - Download ODIN v3.09 that is for flashing the G920LKLU1AOD5.

Step 3- You need now entering the download mode, do so by completely powering off your phone then press these buttons Volume Down + Home + Power altogether then when a warning message appear hit Volume Up for you to confirm entering the download mode.

Step 4 - Open the Odin now, then connect your phone when it's download mode to computer.

Step 5 - When the connection is successful then you will see that your ID: Com box become yellow or blue with COM port number and Added!!! notification.

Step 6 -Within Odin do the following.

  • Click on ‘PDA’ / 'AP' then choose file with ‘CODE’ the name.
Or in the newer Odin version, it should be AP button you select and the firmware file is with .tar.md5 extension.

Step 7- You should also check these two options; Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time.

Step 8 - Now you may hit the Start button to begin the installation.

Step 9 - When the installation is complete, your phone will restart. When the Home screen shows up, unplug it from the usb cable.

Well done my friend you are now having Samsung Galaxy S6 powered with G920LKLU1AOD5 Android 5.0.2 Lollipop firmware. You should be happy now.
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Install G920KKKU1AOD5 (KKU1AOD5) Android 5.0.2 On Galaxy S6 SM-G920K

Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920K gets an official Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update wrapped in build number G920KKKU1AOD5 (KKU1AOD5), you should thank Samsung for keeping your device in their attention. But unfortunately there is no official announcement when the handset receive Android 5.1 software. But that should not be a problem because you are free to roam finding the available custom ROM developed by a third party developers that offering another version of Lollipop (I mean unofficially and with their own features).

Anyway if you have been waiting impatiently for the official update now here is your chance to grab it, you have two options in hand whether want to take the automatic roads using Samsung KIES or OTA update or you can install KKU1AOD5 firmware manually by simply following the guides written here. Your call.

Let's say you choose the second option, then you are in luck because the guides here are pretty simple to follow. Without further ado let's do it.

Be sure you have noticed that once the G920KKKU1AOD5 Android 5.0.2 Lollipop installed then you no longer have a root access because it will be wiped out as the kernel will be restored. But worry not you can always re-root your device later using the available tool like CF-Auto-Root that all of the time supporting Samsung Galaxy flagships.

Firmware file.

Korea (KT Corporation); G920KKKU1AOD5_G920KKTC1AOD5_KTC.

How to install G920KKKU1AOD5 Android 5.0.2 (KKU1AOD5) Lollipop on Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920K

Step 1 - Download KKU1AOD5 package containing the stock firmware  to your computer hard disk, I suggest you to save the file on easy to find, Desktop would be a good place

Step 2 - Download ODIN v3.09 to flash the G920KKKU1AOD5 update to your beloved Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920K.

Step 3- Now you need to completely power off your smartphone in order to enter the Download Mode, press the three buttons together; Volume Down + Home + Power to get the warning to appear to your screen, then hit the Volume Up to confirm entering the download mode.

Step 4 - Open Odin now, then connect your smartphone to computer while it's in download mode.

Step 5 - When you managed to connected between your device to computer in download mode, you will then find that your ID:COM box will turn to yellow accompanied with COM port number.

Step 6 - Inside Odin, do the following.
  • Click on ‘PDA’ / 'AP' then choose file with ‘CODE’ or .tar.md5 extension the name.
Or in the new Odin, select AP button and you choose the firmware file with extension like this .tar.md5.

Step 7- Check these two options too;  Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options via ODIN.

Step 8 - Now hit the Start button to begin the update installation. The installing process can take sometime.

Step 9 - When it's finished, then your phone will reboot. When your phone's home screen appear then disconnect your phone from its usb cable.

There you go, you just flashed the KKU1AOD5 on your Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. Congratulation.
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