How To Fix The Keeps Freezing Samsung Galaxy S3

Here is another fix for the Samsung Galaxy S3 problem, today we will learn how to fix Galaxy S3 that freezes almost all the time, this issue is of course frustrating and irritating.

The keeps freezing Galaxy S3 is so disturbing, people then alleged that the issues is caused by the TouchWiz, and their allegations are supported with the reports from some people; they say the issue is solved once the TouchWiz launcher is disabled, however to disable the feature you need to firstly root your Galaxy S3 that effect your warranty will be voided.

Yes rooting your device and then disabling the TouchWiz is likely fix the problem, but rooting takes very serious steps that have potentials to damage or brick your phone. I prefer you take this step as the last effort.

And in this post I would like to offer some fixes for you to try which one that works for you, hopefully all of them do.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Solutions to fix keeps freezing Samsung Galaxy S3

If things go wrong toward our device, it's likely related to the apps installed there. Could be the apps is not supported or outdated because not being updated by the developers, etc. Therefore I suggest you to review your recently installed app, try to disable them, then check whether the problem is fixed or not.

Clear your phone's memory do so by heading to your Home screen then press Home button to view all your apps that are opened or running, then close by swiping to the right or left. As we know, our phone performance will be less if there are too many apps running on your background.

Limit the processes of your Galaxy S3
  • On your Home screen, hit Menu button to select Settings.
  • Now find then tap the Developer options.
  • Search for the Limit background processes menu then tap it.
  • Now you can size the process by 4 or lower at once.
Clear your TouchWiz data
  • On your Home screen, hit Menu button to select Settings.
  • Now select the Application Manager
  • Find TW then tap Clear Data.
Yes some people reported that the above methods worked and manage to fix the keeps freezing Galaxy S3, but some say they didn't. Thus if you are one of the unlucky guys, perhaps it's time to root your device, visit the following tutorials to do so.
Hope you managed to fix the keeps freezing Galaxy S3 problem.