How To Use AirDroid App On Android Device

Have you known how to use AirDroid app on Android device? If you have not, then this post will guide you through the process. At the end you will master AirDroid.

Firstly let's find out what is AirDroid app, it's an Android application that make you able to manage / control your Android based device through your computer's web browser. You can send and receive message from your PC, or if you lost your phone you can locate it or lock it! Or delete all data remotely. And move the file such as photo, video, music without USB cable, or transferring data from Android to computer without cable, etc.

Now let's start the instructions.

How to use the AirDroid app!

Step 1. Download AirDroid.

Step 2. Now launch the app, then an interface like this will appear on your phone's screen.

Step 3. Now connect it by going to its official website: and enter your password.

You will find two connection modes available to choose, which are.

  • The simple : It gives high speed but with less secure. Use this mode in the familiar environments like home, office, garden's home, etc.
  • Extra-safe : Using https, a bit slower. But it's recommended if you are in the airport, cafee etc.
Step 4: Once you choose one of the modes, you will be get into your AirDroid desktop.

Step 5: On the left side of your screen you find the list of icons of your Android phone apps. You can start manage it by simply clicking on the app, like Call Logs / conference calling, Contacts, Messages, Videos, Photos, etc.

Step 6: And on the right side you find widgets containing indicator of your device's memory with its name and version, etc.

Step 7: Done.

As you see that AirDroid application provides almost everything needed for Android device owners, and the steps to use it is also easy. Therefore why don't you try it yourself?
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