The Best Android Launcher: Nova Launcher

For those who want to change the look of their Android launcher, then you may try to use this best Android launcher app. And the best Android launcher app you can try is Nova Launcher. Nova Launcher is a populer Android launcher app that's not changing too much on the form of the basic of Android launcher.

But Nova Launcher can be a simple Android launcher to give a smooth performance with choices to add the size of all widgets.

With Nova Launcher you will gain easiness to customize, you can also try a different thing to smooth the work of your Android like altering the speed and animation between transition when changing pages or when launching an app.

You can also change the color theme from the launcher or re-size the icons and customize your folder.

The Best Android Launcher: Nova Launcher

You can download Nova Launcher for free via Google Play Store. But if you want more features and functionality you can opt to Nova Launcher Prime version by upgrading to this version to add more tabs, different gestures and other features for only $4.


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